It’s almost time – LOOK TO THE SKY premier 5th October…

… And tours the nationally until November… Please click here for tour dates…

Look To The Sky
An urban thriller
By Courttia Newland

A gripping new Half Moon play for ages 13+



A lonely, disused warehouse. Three teenagers, Doubt, Obs and Braun. One lost member of their group, the curious Inno. A search along dark corridors and winding stairs, that leads to a discovery, which will change their lives…

In an abandoned building a group of young people are forced to confront the very thing that scares them most. Themselves. The mysterious and complicated culture of inner-city youth is exploded in this gripping new play, which breathes with a raw poetic language and a contemporary soundtrack.

Part street vernacular, part theatrical tradition, at times harrowing and at others searingly true – this is a play about the world of the teenage mind. Novelist and writer Courttia Newland deploys an abstract, poetic narrative style to invigorate this 4-hander, one-act play.

Shortlisted for The Alfred Fagon Awards 2010

“Newland reinvents the genre simply through his use of language. He offers us a haunting poetic landscape, a Beckettian world in which the cast quote Euripides and offer philosophical reflections on death. One has a sense here of a writer willing to take risks”
The Guardian (December 2010)

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