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Courttia Newland’s first novel, The Scholar, was published in 1997. Further critically acclaimed work includes Society Within (1999) and Snakeskin (2002), The Dying Wish (2006), Music for the Off-Key (2006), and A Book of Blues (2011). He is co-editor of IC3: The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain (2000) and has short stories featured in many anthologies. His career has encompassed both screen and playwriting; plays include B is for Black, and an adaptation of Euripedes Women of Troy. He was nominated for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the CWA Dagger in the Library Award, the Alfred Fagon Award, the Frank O’ Conner Award and The Edge Hill Prize 2012. His latest anthology, co-edited with Monique Roffey, is Tell Tales 4: The Global Village (2009). A forthcoming novel, The Gospel According to Cane, was published by Akashic Books (US) and Telegram (UK) in February 2013.

For more information please visit http://www.myspace.co.uk/courttianewland

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4 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Hello Courttia, I am a MASSIVE fan of yours and I have read one of your novels; the scholar. I felt that I could relate to it in numerous ways. I am in the process of ordering one of your other books; Society Within. However I felt that it could be a good opportunity for you to possibly produce a film on the Scholar ?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you’re working your way through the books. Am definitely interested in making a film of The Scholar and hope to do it one day…

  2. Hi
    I was told by a friend that you have a new book out but she couldn’t remember the title. Could you let me know what it is?


  3. Yes, I have a book of short stories out now called A Book of Blues, and a novel out next year called The Gospel According to Cane.

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