Here is a full list of my published novels to date. My latest novel, Minx, has just been completed and is awaiting publication. Please keep checking this site (though not necessarily this page) for exclusive extracts from that book.

2 Responses to “NOVELS”

  1. Hey Courtia, I do love your first two books. I very much admire the fact of them, the content, the characters and most of all the territory that you deal with in The Scholar and Society Within. I had been reading American writers like Dakota Grande, Sister Souljah, Jess Mowry, Kenji Jasper, Sapphire, DeBerry Grant, Terry McMillian (!) and the like and kinda longing for ‘my world’ to be put on the pages, in the seemingly authentic way that I had been consuming via stateside. Waterstones, no Borders in Islington still had a black fiction section then, where I would hang out in my lunch hour. I came across “The Scholar” on the shelves! Read it and quickly went back for the part two! I still have them. My son is 13 and i’m sitting here now, wondering if he’d like them too… hope all is well.. warmest, E.

  2. Thanks Esther, that’s the primary reason why I wrote the books. I read most of the authors you spoke of above and wanted to ‘write back’ in a sense, and communicate what my similar experiences were like. Another author I’ve only read recently that covers that world is Victor D. Lavelle. His collection Slapboxing With Jesus is like Jess Mowry, only set in NY. Powerful stuff!


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