Courttia is currently developing The Scholar as a feature film adaptation. For enquiries about this and any other scriptwriting work, please contact:


8 Responses to “FILM”

  1. hey!
    The Scholar is going to be a film!!! At last! I have been telling people about this book for sooo long. And when they read it and i ask them about it they all say it should be a film, but we all thought it would never happen!!!! Go make this film…..spread the word! you have to make this film! Oh god you have to make this film!

    Best Best regards

    kate hannah

    • Hi Kate,

      Thanks for the support, it means a lot to me! It’s been a long hard road but I hope to get there soon – I promise you this – the script is tight, and if you’ve read the book, there’s still some twists and turns in store!

      Thanks a lot!


  2. I agree, that book is so good and so realistic, i think so many people can relate to it and it inspired me as i love writing. I’ve been telling people to read it for ages! now they can go and see it! can’t wait till it comes out.I went to Burlington Danes too by the way =) good luck!

    best regards,


  3. We studied this book for A-Level Lit, aaaaaaaall the way back in 1998/99. Courttia, don’t know if you remember coming down to our college (St. Francis Xavier, Clapham) to talk about the book. Our teacher, Mr Higgins, took a picture of you in our class and sent it to the Voice newspaper . You also signed copies of the book. I’ve still got mine, wonder if it will be worth a few bob when the film picks up a Bafta or Oscar, lol.

    Congratulations on getting it made into a film, I hope it isn’t misrepreseted in anyway. I may have to fish out my copy and read it again…

  4. Big up Courttia. Read this book down in dec 09. and boy, im glad u making it into a film. u get me. yh man, no doubt it would be the best film out and also, include the bit when cory stabs roger in de footbone, dat makes me laugh . lol. aite good luck.

    Kemmar. (the person u see at HIghbury Grove School for Creative Writing).

  5. Dear Courttia,

    I wish you big luck with the film. I was at your reading in Russia several years ago in “35mm” movie-club in Moscow – you presented “Snakeskin” (we talked little bit after your reading). I read three of your books – “Society within” (My favorite!), “The Scholar”, and “Snakeskin”. Thank you for everything. I am really waiting for the film.

    With great respect from Moscow,

    • Hey thanks Dmitry – I hope we can get things going with the film too, fingers crossed. I’m hoping there will also be a new book coming next year… Haven’t finalised details yet but will let everybody know as soon as I can…

      All the best,


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