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The blues speak of many things, love most of all. In these contemporary, often humorous and frequently surprising stories, Courttia Newland s collection of family, friends, lovers and strangers endeavour to navigate a world where love presents as many obstacles as opportunities. A music journalist suffers a crisis of faith in Miami. Young London goes hip-hop crazy circa 1988, turning from Farah s and Clarks to baggy jeans and fat-laced trainers. Old friends make a belated attempt to reconnect disparate lives, and a social recluse finds an unexpected companion in a Victorian cemetery. Threaded with the constant pulse of music, A Book of Blues explores both physical and internal landscapes via the never-ending diversity of human relationships. Weaving dialects and maintaining remarkable empathy, these heartfelt tales explore intimate moments of quiet drama. Illuminating and enigmatic, Newland composes vivid, inimitable songs of self-discovery, tenderness and hope.

ISBN-10: 1906601224

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