Although this is really just a few thousand words shy of a novella, I’m not sure how many others I’ll write at this length, and so decide not to create a NOVELLA page! This is an old proof cover, where Ervine James mysteriously became white! There is another installment to that story, and if I can get hold of the cover that came afterwards, I’ll explain what happened…

The Dying Wish (Quick Reads)

THE DYING WISH (Quick Reads)

Ervine James is in incredibly good spirits – his Private Investigation business is going well, he has partially restored his tenuous link with his family, and his best friend of old and new partner Carmen Sinclair has proved to be more of an asset, both emotionally and financially, than he ever could have dreamed. But when a beautiful Asian woman appears outside the office next to his, a mysteriously secretive company rents the space for a few months before suddenly disappearing without trace, followed by arrival of police detectives investigating allegations of organized group homicides, Ervine and Carmen are drawn into a mystery so deep, so calculated in its intentions, they end up risking their very lives…

Publisher: Abacus

ISBN: 0349119635

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