Hi Everyone, and welcome to my site!

To be honest it still feels weird doing this, but I’m really eager to communicate with anyone that’s out there and has read my work, or seen the doc Guns Are Cool, or the BBC3 adaptation of Society Within (tell me what you thought, really!), or seen me talk or do anything at all, anywhere. This is the place where I will air my views, post new work and keep people up to date with what’s going on in my world. So if you know people that would like to know what I’m up to these days please spread the word! I’m really looking forward to keeping in contact with you all via these pages, and I promise to let you see work that has never been seen before, sometimes hot off the Mac!

It would be great if we could have a two-way dialogue so if you visit, please let me know what you think, and leave constructive criticism if necessary! And if you don’t, well I suppose I’ll just keep posting! Some people think I’ve disappeared since my last book, MUSIC FOR THE OFF KEY (see SHORT STORIES AND COLLECTIONS), but I have been writing and growing the Newland family at the same time! So please keep visiting this page there are sure to be regular updates every few months or so.

Also, please feel free to use the links in my friends list to find other sites and authors, and check out the news page for the latest happenings and opportunities for writers, poets, actors, musicians and arts practitioners of all kinds. All news will be kept indefinitely, so check the posted date to make sure they’re current enough for you. 



12 Responses to “‘ALLO”

  1. greetings Courttia appologise for not making Thursday I trust it went well sadly I was off work for the past week and only got the message on Thursday not enough time to sort out somthing as the mrs took my daughter to see some fire works i was left home holding the baby. It sounds reals intresting when is it out let me know. Stay blessed


  2. Hi Courttia,

    I hope you’re great! I’m studying an MA in Screenwriting at London Communication College and have just finished writing a half hour length adaptation based on my favourite short story Smile Mannequin Smile. I would be honoured if you would allow me to send it to you to see what you think?
    Thanks so much!


  3. Hey Courttia, lovely to see this up and running. Hope to see you really soon! Dxxx

  4. hi courttia i know your mum i met her in my school were she taut me and my friends im jerome your mum read one of your great books i realy liked it im tryin to get my hands on one

  5. Hello Courttia, we read “Flight for freedom” during some English lessons ( in a German school). The students thought the story was not at all optimistic. For them Marcus’fligth signifies nothing else than the suicide of a desperate young person who has taken drugs. Me, their teacher, I can’t agree with them. What would you say? I would be very much appreciate your answer !

  6. Hello Courttia, you won’t remember me but we met at the last Arvon Open Day. I was one of the few black persons (female) there. At that time you mentioned you might be starting something similar to Arvon for the black community. Has that come to fruition? Will you be at the 2011 Arvon Open Day and are you teaching any Arvon courses this year?

  7. Hi Courttia
    Don’t know if you’ll remember me, Fiona, from an Arvom Foundation seminar with yourself and Susanna Bird some years back. I ended up on your page because Amazon alerted me to your new book. Am now living in Atlanta Georgia, so not much hope of repeating that wonderful experience any time soon. Just thought I’d say hello. Hello.

  8. Hi Courttia

    Sorry I missed you at the end of the Saturday class. Wanted to thank you for you advice and insight, and waited downstairs for a while, but had to dash for a local summer fair commitment back home in N. London. Hope the Urban Arvon goes well.


  9. Hi,
    I read your detective novel which I thought was great and then one of your quick reads. I had a conversation with a well known elderly black british writer and he complained of how books written by today’s ‘youth’ was too colloquial and no attention was paid in making sure the ‘English’ was in tact. I told him I felt that his style as well as your style was totally appropriate. At the end of the day, your dialogue was in keeping with a lot of what my ears pick up when I leave my house. I’m younger than this man and you are younger than myself, and over the years the way people speak has changed a lot. Current writing has to capture this. I didn’t know that you had another book out. I will buy it.

    Take care

  10. Hi Courttia

    I recently attended your “Writing for the City” workshop – which I very much enjoyed.

    I was hoping to get some advice on the Arvon “Starting to Write” course, specifically in terms of how appropriate it is for someone with no existing material and about 20 years of creative rust! Even though it is tailored for beginners, I’m a bit worried about the intensity and also how I’d cope being thrust into such a remote environment!

    As an aside, website is great but could do with a “Search” and “Contact” button.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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