Music for the Off-Key: Twelve Macabre Short Stories

© cover design Anissa-Jane Cockings



A middle-aged man with a guilty taste for schoolgirls looks for a way to end his shame; a hotel receptionist begins a sexual adventure with a guest; a young man is troubled by a persistent itch behind his shoulder-blades; a young African boy confronts his bullying class-mates.

In these and other stories, there is a delight in the dark, the grotesque, and the uncanny. Drawing inspiration from everything from traditional horror movies, to Roald Dahl, to everyday life in West London, Newland brings together the literary and the popular to reinvigorate the short story form.
ISBN: 184523040X

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One Response to “MUSIC FOR THE OFF-KEY”

  1. […] Anyway, you can see what I bought at Saturday’s book fair, part of the Bim Literary Festival at Queens Park in Bridgetown, Barbados. Some were signed by the author, like Winston Farrell’s Bustin’ the Blues and Courttia Newland’s short-story collection Music for the Off-key. […]

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